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You're in good company

Virtual Reality headset with smartphone app platform for VR content
Between App
Private messaging for couples.

Over 8+ million users
Connector dock for Macbook Pro 

Over $800K raised over kickstarter in 30 days.
Lets your phone find your parked car easily

Over $270K raised on Indiegogo in 20 days.
Home Internet-of-things devices, launched at CES 2015
Ambient mood lighting for homes and studios, programmable from the phone
Palm Top Theater
Holographic display for iPhones

Partnered with Hatsune-Miku for specialized 3D content
Visual collaborative brainstorming for planning meetings, lets you playback every key decision from the meeting
Vomo by Western Leaf

Foldable stereophonic headphones
Cell Robot
Modular robots can combine and be programmed to become anything from rotating camera holders to cars
W3D (a Rennes Novosphere company)
A framework for web-based 3D interactions
Magic Mirror by FX Gear
Virtual fitting room maps clothes you want to try out over your body in real-time for life-sized retail solutions
A modern digital smart-watch focused on building premium timepieces
Interaction Design Foundation
Share the Knowledge Tour (in partnership with SAP University Alliances)
Frenzy by Western Leaf

One of the slimmest tablets in the market
Dr Pepper Gaming at MLG

MLG gaming community outreach and community-building
Otus Robot

A video conferencing bot that intelligently turns and tracks the person speaking across the room
Video Shader

Instagram style filters for live video

Community for designers to profit from printing services (an Oasis Print venture)

The leading online infographic design tool
The minimum criteria for success for products today is: Can it capture the attention of people? 

In a world full of great products, the ones that get the attention of users, of press, of investors, win.

Attention translates to two goals: (1) Having a fantastic, awesome product that amazes, and (2) Telling the story of the product and company in a way that earns trust and credibility from customers.  

We help you figure out both.

We use our collective experiences in entrepreneurship, technology architecture, product design & growth strategy, to provide surgical, as-needed help throughout the lifecycle of product innovation

Product & Innovation Strategy
User Experience & Development Advice
Messaging & Marketing Strategy
Acting CMO & Ongoing Oversight

Product Business Strategy

In the past, we've helped clients answer these types of questions:

The biggest company in our industry just announced a product that kills our current product line. We have a 8-month lead-time. What do we do?

We are exploring five different business lines relating to our core product. Which of these should we consider a priority?

We've had a successful game in the market. Should we launch these enhancements as a DLC or package it into a sequel?

What should our Version 1 be? Are we working on too many features, or too few to capture attention of the market?

Support for Product Design and Development

In the past, we've helped clients with these types of needs:

Help us design viral growth and word-of-mouth triggers inside the product to help with organic growth

Could you please do a usability or ergonomics review of our product and recommend changes.

We're thinking of going with offshore development. What are the risks / benefits, the cost or time estimates to understand? Should we do outsourced vs dedicated-offshore centers? Could you help evaluate or recommend any vendors?

We need to rethink the overall user experience architecture to simplify the entire flow for users

Strategic Messaging and Marketing Strategy

In the past, we've helped clients answer these types of questions:

What's the core story or key benefits of our product or conference? Which parts do we focus on when reach out to the press? On our website?

Help us design our crowdfunding campaign to communicate authentically and with credibility, and create strong incentives for backers

We've had a successful product in overseas markets, now launching in the U.S. and need to adjust our message accordingly

Should YouTube be more of a focus for our content strategy, or blogs? How soon before launch do we start on this?

Acting CMO 

In the past, we've helped clients with these types of needs:

Help us recruit and start a 14-person content team to run a 10 month content campaign

Help determine the metrics to focus on for growth at this stage.

We used to spend $150k per year on ad-spend, but now we want to allocate it to something else - what should it be?

How do we build and engage a community of users around our company?

Help us figure out our keynote conference and booth strategy for this upcoming Expo (e.g. CES, E3, or SWSX)

We've run several successful community projects
to support startups and game studios

Startup Insiders : An Entrepreneurship Support Community
In order to instigate growth in the tech industry of South Asia, we built an entrepreneurship community called Startup Insiders - a startup and innovation support network and event series hosted in multiple cities, where over 2000+ entrepreneurs and 150+ CEOs participated. Startup Insiders has been a catalyst for growth in the region, which now has various VC investment firms, angel networks, and incubation centers.
MolyJam & Austin Game Dev Jammers
We've hosted various game jams in Austin, Texas (including the famed Molyjam). We have a growing online community of video gaming industry professionals, with over 350+ members (designers, art directors, developers, etc) -- all the way from indie studios to veterans from large publishers.
Enabling authors & writers
Mocha7 occasionally hosts write-ins for aspiring and established authors, in Seattle, WA and Austin, TX. We have also contributed to the International NanoWrimo community events, through hosting meetups and brainstorming sessions for authors. These networks include both authors and publishers.
Green & White : A virtual think-tank for a country's best minds
To complement Startup Insiders, our founders also started Green & White - on online think-tank community for tech industry leadership to come together and have transparent discussions about solutions to move it forward. This community grew to 100,000+ readers, and was eventually acquired.

If you'd like to get to know us better...

our founder wrote "Innovation-thinking Methods"

Our Founder - Osama A. - has authored a book on "Innovation-thinking" - a new discipline of thought that can help entrepreneurial teams create 10x better products and solutions.

We practice Innovation-thinking at Mocha7. The book describes some of the methods we use internally to help with our strategy and idea-creation process. 

The book launches early 2016.

We collaborate internally very fast

Through our partners, we have early access to cutting-edge collaboration software that gives us a distinct advantage in speed of work over others. 

Through this, we are able to collectively build more thoughtful solutions in less time; keep everyone on the same page; deep dive into our client's continuously improve our skills; and more.

Simple and flexible engagement models for clients

"We were very happy with the return on investment from their focused [efforts] for our product launch."

- Weiwei Wen, Nonda Inc.

“I’ve just properly looked through the draft [plan], and my first comment is ‘wow.’ This has taken the whole business model and boiled it down into a plan designed to generate buzz, thank you.”

- James Welsh, Oasis Print

“(They) did a terrific job, guiding me every step of the way and producing outstanding results. I could not recommend Mocha7 higher."

- Derek Doran, Walking Tours

"The team at Mocha7 are very efficient and keep a high level of communication.. They don't give up until you are happy and they are fast. Sometimes I had problem keeping up with them. Thank you."

- Lars Lundbom, Avisit Solutions Limited
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